Friday, 26 July 2013

Pinning Stations in Container Terminals

The most important factor to be considered for  discharge/Loading  operation is in Quay side is  to set  a safe and secure pinning station.Pinning stations is an area in quay side where  Trucks with container drives to the pinning station & pin the twist lock of  the container for vessel Loading operation .And the twist lock of the  container discharged from the vessel placed on truck will be unpinned in the pinning station  before moving towards the designated stack 

Pinning Stations  provides.


Ø  2x seats located inside the pinning station for  tally clerks/ lashers to rest and wait for load/   discharge containers to arrive   

Ø  Lighting  installed in pinning station to  assist lashers/ tally clerks with installing and   removing twist locks and checking paper works?

Ø  Pinning stations to have a toolbox to store   equipment?
Ø  Pinning stations are fitted with a flashing amber  light connected to solar power and or battery?

Pinning Stations started implementing  in some of the terminals ,which provide a safe and secure operations for the lashers and tally clerks.

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