Saturday, 27 July 2013


Six Hazardous  tank containers  and some articles have been washed ashore at different places in coastal Kasaragod ,kerala in India  over the past two days. 
The coast guard said the articles were part of the debris from a container ship, MV Mol Comfort, which had sunk in the Indian Ocean last month have washed ashore in the beaches on the northern most district of Kerala in Kasaragod and some places in Kadmat in Lakshadweep islands of India
According to the Kasaragod coastal police, the tanks with 24,000 litres capacity had "refrigeration gas" painted on them. The police have alerted the Indian Navy and the coast guard.
The police said though some other objects, including footballs, refrigerators and gas canisters had been washed ashore on various occasions, it was the capsule tanks that had caused panic. Police have asked local residents to stay away from the tanks. The coast guard, however, said there was nothing to panic.
Fishermen had also reported seeing football like objects floating in the waters in the past few days. 
Some debris had surfaced at Kadmat island, Coast guard  told press.
"According to our investigation, the cylinders and other articles were from the derelict ship MV Mol Comfort that had sunk 430 nautical miles off the Mumbai coast on July 11, and the ship's agent had confirmed that it contained such materials," said K Yoosaf Ali, deputy commandant, Indian Coast Guard Station, Beypore. "We have informed the Singapore office of the ship's agent and they have been asked to clear the beaches."

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