Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Complexity of Terminal Operations

 General Activities  taking place in container terminal :

  1.  Container moves from export blocks to quay, for loading
  2.  Moves of discharged containers from quayside to import blocks
  3.  Transfer transhipment boxes from quay to export stacks
  4.  Return transhipment boxes from export stacks to quay for loading
  5.  Lifting of containers from transfer equipment into the stacks
  6.  Lifting of containers from the stacks to transfer equipment
  7.  Shifting of containers within the stacks, for access to other boxes
  8. Transfer import boxes from stacks to trucks or rail via interchanges
  9.  Transfer export boxes from trucks or rail to stacks via interchanges
  10.  Move containers to / from customs, security and port health inspection areas
  11.  Rearrange containers in the stacks to suit a loading sequence
  12.  Move damaged containers to an examination area.
  13.  In-stack shuffles for housekeeping and operational purposes.
Terminal Flow Pattern

  • Operations on container terminals are complex
  • Give rise to diverse & complex set simultaneous container moves
  • Operations are totally dependent on the use of equipment
  • Use same resource mix (people, equipment, space, information…)
  • Experience major peaks and troughs in the level of demand 
  • Performed over a large geographical area
  • Pressure to perform activities quickly & at minimum cost
  • Risk of accidents

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